Flood record sheet

1) Please enter your location using any of the following options:

  1. Click on the "Go to my current location" button below to track your position.
  2. Type in the address of the flooding event in the field below and press enter.
  3. Click on the Google map below to place a marker on the location of your observation. You can then drag it or click somewhere else to change the location .
Remove location marker
E.g., 25 Jun 2019
E.g., 07:00pm
Please list any information about the flood such as its depth, extent, duration, past events, what caused it, any damages to property or traffic, further sources on flood e.g. newspaper articles.
Select a photo if you have one and click the upload icon (on the right of the screen).
More information
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  • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.