All records will be analysed as part of a study into flooding in the UK. This will form an important citizen observed database of flooding events which are often unrecorded. A number of studies have used such observations as a basis for further investigation into how to improve management e.g. Lane et al. (2011). To read more about how we use the data, see our case studies page. In addition, where appropriate we will share your concerns with the relevant authorities.
No, you can share information anonymously. However, it can be very beneficial to have an account with us so we can contact you if we need verification on anything or we want to take your concern to the relevant authorities.
Yes, you can withdraw your observations by selecting and deleting them individually.
Floodcrowd is a campaign to improve our knowledge and management of flooding in the UK. By sharing your observations you are helping to shed light on many previously unreported floods. These can help initiate important conversations on how flood risk management can be improved.
This map is based on unverified observations of floods and is not suitable for commercial purposes, e.g. the setting of insurance premiums. If you are concerned about any particular observation please contact me.You can also share observations privately so that they cannot be viewed by anyone else.
Yes all the observations are available for anyone to view. We do this as it lets people learn about flooding in their area and across the country. This can help drive important discussions between those affected by flooding and can let the authorities see what’s happening on the ground.