Drawing flood extents on a map

As well as sharing flood records as precise locations, you can also draw polygons around locations that have flooded to show their extents. To do so, please follow the instructions below:
  1. You will need to be signed in to a google account
  2. After clicking "Start drawing" you will be taken to a map. Click on "Add line" (located on the top of the map)
  3. Then select "Add line or shape"
  4. Draw on the map, add notes to the drawing and click "create"
  5. Start drawing


Beware, floods are dangerous and can change very quickly. Don't risk getting hurt when observing them.
No operation activity is undertaken on the basis of this information. To report an event to the authorities please use the official government website for guidance on who to contact
This data is not suitable for commercial purposes, e.g. the setting of insurance premiums
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